Jake Hodge 2015

Jake Hodge 2015 Schedule

There are 5 divisions. Division winners will advance to playoffs on Sunday. Teams with best division record will advance. In the event of a tie, the team with most funds raised will advance. NO CLEATS!! Click here for rules

Friday June 19
6:00 pm 10U Wildcats v 8U Wildcats (Exhibition Game)
6:45 pm Opening Ceremonies
7:00 pm Kings of Crash vs Crittenden Free Press
7:45 pm Team 11 vs Wiffle Rats
8:45 pm KnuckleHeads vs The Squad

Saturday June 20
9:30 am Kings of Crash vs Aztecs
10:30 am Rally Squirrels vs Fredonia
11:30 am GiGi Warriors vs KnuckleHeads
12:30 pm Aztecs vs Crittenden Free Press
1:30 pm McCrew vs Wiffle Rats
2:15 pm HR Derby
2:45 pm 12U Bobcats vs Outlaws
3:45 pm Bone Collectors vs. Fredonia
4:45 pm Akridge Amazing Aces vs Outlaws
5:45 pm Bone Collectors vs Rally Squirrels
6:45 pm GiGi Warriors vs The Squad
7:45 pm 12U Bobcats vs Akridge Amazing Aces
8:45 pm Team 11 vs McCrew

Sunday June 21
Playoff Rounds
1:30 #4 vs #5 (Winner plays #1 Seed)
2:30 #2 vs #3 (Winner to Championship)
3:30 #1 vs Winner of #4 v #5
4:30 Championship


Team Descriptions

Jack Buck Division
This division is made up primarily of 30-40-50 and a few 60 somethings. Guys who are way past their prime (or never had a prime), but are quite competitive.

  • Rally Squirrels: This is a team primarily from Princeton KY. The team features Caldwell County baseball head coach Bradley Stallins and Dono McGregor. Eastern Kentucky baseball player Allan Dixon as well as former Murray State football player Waynee McGowan.
  • Bone Collectors: The two time defending champs, the evil empire is made of of primarily Orthopaedic Institute employees. The team features former major league pitcher Anthony Schumaker, former minor league player Brian Kern and former Murray State pitcher Gordon Dugan.
  • Fredonia Boys: A new addition to the Jake Hodge Tourney; Fredonia has won the 2013 and 2014 Caldwell basketball fundraiser at Little Busch Stadium. Local legend Jerry Perkins is team manager and the most athletic 70 something around.

Bob Gibson Division
This division is Crittenden and Caldwell County teams including all ages.

  • Crittenden Free Press: Coached by Denis Hodge and mostly Crittenden county natives the Free Press boasts two former college baseball players (Denis Hodge and Al Starnes) and a bunch of guys named Belt.
  • Aztecs: This team is from Crittenden County and consists of Crittenden High baseball players (who are not on Team 11) and some adults highlighted by the one-handed swinging trucker Greg Robinson.
  • Kings of Crash: This team name is inspired by the “Sandlot” consists of players in the 14-16 year old range from Princeton, Lyon and Crittenden. Kings of Crash were runner-up in 2014.

Stan Musial Division
This division is Old Timers and Young Guns.

  • Akridge Amazing Aces: Formerly the “Wiffle Nutz”, head coach Paul Akridge brings this group back for a second straight year. This coed team has restructured since last years showing.
  • Marion Bobcats: Chris Evans and the 12U Bobcats make their debut. The team is largely a wildcard, but as last year demonstrated, young kids can win.
  • The Outlaws: Head coach Barry Fraliex brings his team into the fray this year. They are primarily old guys from caldwell county.

Tony LaRussa Division
This division is a collection of male and co-ed teams of all ages.

  • Knuckleheads: This is a new addition to the Jake Hodge Tourney. Head coach and former St Catherine player Joe Vanhooser brings a group of late 20’s and early 30’s players to compete for a title.
  • The Squad: Jason Redfern brings this team as a new addition to the Jake Hodge tourney. They are primarily high school age from Caldwell County. This team has played in the basketball fundraiser the last two years.
  • GiGi Warriors: GiGi Warriors head coach is John Paul Boitnott and Keenen Boitnott, grandsons of former Brooklyn Dodger Al Giordano. The team is some 20 somethings that played baseball “back in the day”.

Mike Matheney Division
This highly competitive division is mostly high school baseball players and early 20 somethings.

  • McCrew: Head coach Joe McEnaney has put the best team that money can buy on the field. The team is a collection of family and friends of the McDonalds Empire magnet.
  • Team 11: Runner up in 2013, Team 11 is the travel baseball team that Jake Hodge played for. Most of the players are current and former varsity players from Crittenden County High School.
  • Wiffle Ratz: Head coach Brandon White brings this team is primarily comprised of Lyon baseball players.

Jake Hodge Tourney Cancelled. Rescheduled for August 7-9.


Coaches, players, and fans, unfortunately the Jake Hodge Wiffle Ball Tournament this weekend has been cancelled due to the weather. It has been rescheduled for August 7-9. Thank you for your participation and willingness to support such a great cause and family. We will see you in August! Ken and Katie Parker and family at

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Jake Hodge 2015 Schedule

Jake Hodge 2015 Schedule

There are 5 divisions. Division winners will advance to playoffs on Sunday. Teams with best division record will advance. In the event of a tie, the team with most funds raised will advance. NO CLEATS!! Click here for rules

Friday June 19 6:00 pm Crittenden Free Press v Aztecs

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Jake Hodge 2015 Tourney

2013 Tournament Results

The 2015 Jake Hodge fundraiser is set for June 19-21, 2015. Make plans now to be there. Fundraising is underway. We hope to see you there. If you are interested in fielding a team for this years tournament, go to our contact page and let us know.

2014 Caldwell Basketball Fundraiser


Caldwell boys and girls basketball raised $4200 at Little Busch Stadium on October the 18th. The cool temperatures did not affect a great weekend. The Fredonia Boys defeated the Kings of Crash in the championship game. For Fredonia, it was their second straight tourney win. Thanks to all of those who participated.


Jake Hodge 2014 Raises $18,628 !

Winning Team Parker Hodge Total

The Jake Hodge 2014 tourney exceeded expectations and raised $18,628 dollars. The event was held June 13-15 2014 on Fathers Day weekend. It was beautiful weather with highs in low 80s and plenty of sunshine. The opening ceremonies began with comments from Denis Hodge, scholarship winners from Caldwell County Landon Burns, Jordan Young and Kaitlyn

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Jake Hodge 2014 Preview

2013 Tournament Results

The 2014 Jake Hodge Wiffle Ball Tournament is scheduled for June 13-15 at Little Busch Stadium. The schedule has been finalized. We did our best to accommodate all requests. Rules are listed below as well.

PDF Full Schedule

PDF Team by Team Schedule

Winners in each division and a wildcard

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Caldwell Basketball Fundraiser


The first annual wiffle ball fundraiser for the Caldwell County boys and girls basketball teams was held at Little Busch Stadium on October 11-12. A total of $4,450 dollars was raised for both teams. Opening ceremonies included a wonderful rendition of the Star Spangled Banner by Lexy Tays and an invocation by Russ Davidson. The

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Jake Hodge Tournament 2013


The first annual Jake Hodge Wiffle Ball tournament at Little Busch Stadium was a roaring success. The event raised $8100 for the Jake Hodge Scholarship fund. This year’s scholarship winner from Caldwell County, Cameron Brandon was recognized. Opening ceremonies on Friday began with an invocation by Brother Russ Davidson, pastor of First Baptist Church in

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News Channel 6 Visits


WPSD News Channel 6 was at Little Busch Stadium on May 31, 2013. Below is the text of the story courtesy of reporter Robert Bradfield. The story aired on Friday night may 31st on the 6pm news cast.

PRINCETON, Ky. – Ken Parker’s backyard is probably the best on his Princeton, Kentucky block.


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